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Todd Jaspers

Hey guys, really dumb question here... I've been doing all of my development
in the past few years as web applications. Therefore, if I need a new window
or form, I simply have it go to another page. I haven't written a Visual C++
or VB (or Delphi) application in at least 4 years and for the life of me, I
don't remember how to go from one window to the next. What I mean is, lets
say I have a main menu with buttons on it. Someone clicks one of the buttons,
I want the main window to dissapear and the new window (with new options) to
open. I know each window is a "form.cs"... how do I make that "call" to tell
the new window to open. I'm assuming of course I don't automatically just
OPEN all the forms at the same time and just hide them.

I know this is really lame, but any help would be appreciated.



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