.NET Framework setup



I have an acer notebook running windows vista and have owned it since june
this year. Some software I had to run required .NET framework which I
downloaded and ran until about a month ago the system at startup gave a
warning saying 'Please set registry key
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\InstallRoot to point to the .NET
Framework intall location. Using reged I could not locate InstallRoot in the
..NET Framework area. I have attempted to reinstall .NETFramework but I get a
series of internal error 2908 messages followed by error 1935 and finally
..NET Framework setup failed. I have tried registry cleanup and .NETfix
cleanup tool to no avail. System restore won't roll back to earlier settings.
I am really stuck and look forward to any helpful advice you may have
Regards and thanks

David Manvell

Did you uninstall the old Net Framwork then reboot then try to install the
new one or did you do a reinstall on top of the old one?

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