.Net Framework 1.1 sp1 and references in web application




I recently installed the .Net Framework 1.1 sp1 on my development box (XP
pro with everything but sp2, running VS.NET 2003).

I have a C# web application that was running just fine yesterday (all my
code is in C#). There have been no code changes and I can successfully
compile it, but:
1. When I try to access the newly compiled web applications via a link or
redirect, I get a Configuration Error at the following location <add
2. When I try to start this application in Debug mode, I get a "An unhandled
exception of type 'System.ExecutionEngineException' occurred in mscorlib.dll"
and the following entry in the Application Event log for ASP.NET 1.1.4322.0,
Category: None, Type: Error, Event ID: 1000, User: N/A, Description:
"aspnet_wp.exe (PID: 3124) stopped unexpectedly."

The web application has several references to in-house code libraries. 2 of
the libraries are web specific and function in all web applications tested
thus far. 3 of the libraries are specialized utility libraries that are only
used in this web application, but they successfully function as components of
all Windows applications tested thus far. 1 of the libraries is only used in
this web application and it provides a MarshalByRefObject remoting interface
to a remote server application, but like above, it appears to function
normally when referenced by a Windows application.

Any ideas what might be the root cause. Following up on the error in the
Application Event Log yeilds a "We're sorry...".

I also noticed that the following code will now generate a run-time error
when alMyList.Count = 0:
ArrayList alSRoot = (ArrayList) alMyList.syncroot;
This line of code used to work just fine in routines that would accept
asynchronous calls to add objects to the ArrayList , or to query the list for
existence of an object.

Is there an updated list of "Dos and Don'ts" for .Net Framework 1.1 sp1?

I have been building my own list from the news groups, but have had little
success at MDSN. I have also read of numerous deployment issues experienced
since the relase of sp1, but I have not had the opportunity to get that far
in my own testing. I have already accepted the fact that I will need to
fully re-test ALL of my .Net applictions for newly occuring run-time errors,
but any hints toward known changes in functionality would be very useful.



Joerg Jooss

billrom123 said:

I recently installed the .Net Framework 1.1 sp1 on my development box
(XP pro with everything but sp2, running VS.NET 2003).
ArrayList alSRoot = (ArrayList) alMyList.syncroot;
I guess you mean

ArrayList alSRoot = (ArrayList) alMyList.SyncRoot;

but that's wrong anyway. According to MSDN, SyncRoot is of type object, so
any downcast to a more specific type is impending doom. It worked so nicely
before because SyncRoot's implementation in .NET 1.1 is

{ return this; }

which obviously defeats the purpose if having such a property ;-)

..NET 1.1 SP1 returns a plain System.Object.


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