Nesting of groups



Hi All,

I am trying to develop an application that will sync contacts from a
designated server onto my app on iPhone i.e one way sync.
Before going ahead with detailed implementation I tried to sync my
iPhone with MS Outlook. My MS Outlook contacts are arranged in
multiple groups and few groups exist within other groups (nested).
When I sync contacts from MS Outlook, the nested groups show up as
flat groups on iPhone i.e there is no nesting of groups.
Question 1)
Now my question is that is it possible to create nesting of groups
programmatically ?

Question 2)
Can a contact say "John Mayer" belong to two groups say "Friends" and
"Colleagues". That is a single record of "John Mayer" is referenced by
both the groups...and as such modifying "John Mayer's" details in one
group would reflect in the other group automatically?

Question 3)
Is it possible to query for a contact in iPhone AddressBook
programmatically using First Name and Last Name properties alone?

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

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