Need to delete pending MS updates



A friend asked me to help him with his computer.
So I went and started applying the updates to his XP machine.

Well it turns out that he has a VERY small drive and even less memory :-(

I have downloaded some MS updates but there is not enough room to run them
let alone let them just remain on the drive

Where are the pending updates located so I can go and delete them?


Start > Run > type in, press Enter or click OK after each command

net stop wuauserv
net stop bits

Show hidden files, folders, and system files:

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to
WINDOWS\Software Distribution\Download

Delete the contents of the Download subfolder. That's where they are
first stored when downloaded *unless* there is not enough room on the HD
in the first place.
After deleting the downloaded updates, restart the system and the AU
service will load on Startup. You might want to set it to Disabled until
you can reclaim enough disk space or upgrade the memory, if possible.

* -343-* FDNY
Never Forgotten
"Security updates should *never* have *non-security content* prechecked

PA Bear [MS MVP]

What Mow said...

But since your friend's computer needs the updates, you'd be better off
making space for them instead. See...

WinXP SP3 post-installation cleanup

You receive error messages if there is insufficient free disk space on the
system drive to install [updates]

How to reclaim disk space on a Windows XP-based computer that has a hard
disk capacity of 4 GB or less

Error message when you try to install [updates]: "You do not have enough
free disk space on %SystemDrive% to archive the uninstall files"

Keep in mind that everything in

%windir%\SoftwareDistribution\Download <=this folder

will eventually be removed over time.

Dunc Fowler

Mo, Thanks!
That did it.

PA Bear, the drive was a 4 gig drive and I had deleted all the programs
other than Internet explorer and the system files.
Just no other choice.
At least now I can install an antivirus program for him... But that is it!

Thanks again

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