Need to Add id in a different Tree to a group in my tree



We recently upgraded to AD with Windows 2003. We are native mode. I need to
add the ID of someone in a different tree (same level as the tree the group
is in) to a group in the tree I am in. Have been trying all sorts of ways.
I can get to the tree, I can't get a list of the users so I can pick the one
I need. I don't know what the ID is just the name of the owner. If the id
was in my tree I would be able to see it in a list in ADUC and then be able
to key it in when I add it as a member.
Even better, how do I get a list to pick from in ADUC when I am adding a

Brian Desmond [MVP]


By tree do you mean a different domain? If so, waht's the scope of this
group? It's going to need to be a domain local group in order to have people
from another domain in it.

To search Ad when you're adding users to groups, hit the advanced button on
the dialog.

Brian Desmond
Windows Server MVP
(e-mail address removed)



Brian, Yes a different domain. I didn't know the person's id (just their
name) and although I switched to the domain they were in, I could not find
their id by using Advanced and searching.

I finally found the id by switching to the domain and searching that way.
Then switching back to the domain with the group.

Why can't I put the ids from a different domain in the global group I
already have set up? Requliring a global group for people in my domain and a
local group for people in other domains is going to make a long list of

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