Need Temp. Install Permissions



I have a web-base app that that uses activeX and needs to
be installed on several machines. Users do not have
permission to install software on their machines. How
can I allow regular users temporary access to install
this without giving them administrative privileges on the
domain? The component is only available via the web and
can not be downloaded for distribution.

I welcome any ideas,



Steven L Umbach

You can try making them either power users first , and if that fails make them
administrators on their local machine. That will not give them administrative powers
for the domain. You can use restricted groups to accomplish this by moving their
machines into an OU and creating a Group Policy for that OU that includes domain
users in the administrators or powers users group, but for that OU only. Do NOT do it
at the domain level or they will end up being domain administrators. After they are
done with the installs you could then remove the domain users group from your
restricted group and leave just the domain admins group. That would remove any users
who may have created local accounts and added themselves to the local administrators
group. Adding users to the local administrators group should always be a last resort
solution of course. I would first contact application publisher about any possible
work arounds such as folder or registry permission changes. --- Steve

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