Need step by step to delete a folder



I have a folder [a backup from F: to N:]
F: = internal N: = external
I used to be able to just drop to DOS and del /f. And gone.
I get access denied on this folder AND the file in the folder.
I've tried to take ownership. It spits out an error.
on the file security tab, it says I don't have permission to view or editthis
objects permissions.

selecting advanced, it's the same message until I select owner, this message is
'Unable to display current owner.'. Effective permissions. same.
Being a duplicate 500 meg file, I want it and the folder gone.

I'm fixing to try and turn UAC back on, and see if I can try these thingswith
UAC on and get rid of it.

FWIW: I have admin everything on my account.
Hmmm... How do I boot into the admin account ?


On Wed, 25 Jun 2008 20:33:58 -0400, (e-mail address removed) wrote:

Guess I don't need a step by step, just need an OS that works. I had it
deleted, but the OS told me I couldn't.
SOS with the search thing. Shows me stuff that's been deleted for months in the

Like shooting DODO's in the national geographic. pix say they're there. History
says they're gone. with Vista it's worse. History & visual says it's there till
you reboot, and find you've been shooting at a hologram of where it was.
And nothing from the OS tells you it's already gone.

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