Need Helping on running .net 2.0 application on embedded


Jim Flanagan

I am not sure who to ask, but I have written an app using Express (2.0 framework) and desire to run the application
on a laptop that uses WinXP embedded (its a military laptop).
How do I go about configuring my .net app to run properly. At
this point I am getting a 'failure to initialize' error when
I run my .net app from a removable drive.

Any help would be appreciated. At this point I know *nothing*
about WinXP embedded.

Thanks for any help that you provide.


Sean Liming \(eMVP\)


Does the XPe image contain .NET 2.0 support? You can look in Control Panel -
Add Remote Programs to see if it is installed. If it is not installed, you
will have to install the .NET Framework runtime. Of course with XPe, you
might have EWF enabled, which will have to be disabled to install software.


Sean Liming /
XP Embedded Book Author - XP Embedded Advanced, XP Embedded Supplemental

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