Support for .NET 3.0 on Windows XP Embedded


Warren Rath

We are about to start an engagement to build a solution on Windows XP
Embedded, (not Windows Embedded Standard) that leverages features in .NET
3.0. The customer is worried that Microsoft will not support .NET 3.0 on
Windows XP Embedded. Do you know what I can show the customer that proves
..NET 3.0 is fully supported on Windows XP Embedded? Without this proof they
will not move forward.

Also what steps need to be taken to deploy .NET 3.0 after the images has
been built?


Fred E

Do you know whether it's a violation of XP Embedded's license to
install NET 3.5? I know that it works perfectly from a functional
standpoint, but heard rumors that it was not allowed by Microsoft's
license for XP Embedded. Thanks!

Sean Liming \(MVP\)

I don't know the legal aspects of this issue. .NET 3.5 can run on XP Pro.
The XPe team presented the solution to install .NET 3.5 on their blog so it
must be legal to move forward. I suggest that you contact your Microsoft
distributor to find out the official details.


Sean Liming /
Book Author - XP Embedded Advanced, XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit

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