Need help



Hi NG ,
i need help with following macro ( Outlook 2007 ):

Sub ADList()

Dim myadlist As AddressList
Dim meinelisten As AddressLists
Dim say As String
say = ""

Set meinelisten = Outlook.Session.AddressLists

For Each myadlist In meinelisten
say = say & myadlist.Name & " ( " & myadlist.AddressEntries.Count & " )"
& vbCr

MsgBox say, , "Kontaktordner"

End Sub

It works but following problem. I have three contact lists. The first
one contains 150 address entries , the second one 46 and the third
one 5 entries. Macro shows for the first one 151 ( + 1 ) , for the
second one 47 ( + 1 ) and the third one 5. So two lists are wrong
and one is right. Funny and weird. I could not solve it. Does
anyone have an explanation ? Thanks in advance.


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