Need help with Graph Labels



I have (what I think) is a simple graph and I want to add event titles.

Consider a list of colums:

A typical set of rows would be:

04 Jan 2010 1000 Begining
10 March 2010 2134 Mary Birthday
17 April 2010 1764 Move House

I'm able to have a line graph that shows the dates and figures as well as
labels for the dates and values. I even have a block marker showing on the
three event dates.

How do I get the event labels to print on the graph? In other words, I
want the words "Move House" to appear on the graph on the 17 April 2010

(Hopefuily I have explained sufficienty) - I'm happy to upload a populated
spreadsheet given an understanding how to attach or send the file.

BTW - The Excel versionis 2010 but I think the same solution will be
applicable for Excel 2007 as well.




EXCEL 2007

I have just put up a chart for you at:-

Item number 102.

It's not quite what you want but it may suffice.

The other thing that you could do is to use Text Boxes.

If my comments have helped please hit Yes.


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