Data Labels Disappearing

Jul 5, 2016
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I'm really hoping someone can help with this because it's driving my team crazy!

I have a bar chart in excel; the X axis ranges from +80 to -80 but I have a few bars that fall outside of this range (Ex. -500).

I format the data labels by putting them on the inside base of the bars and dragging them to the outside end. This is so the bars outside of the data range can retain their data labels.

This has always worked for me, the problem is it doesn't work for anyone else on my team. When they try to move the data labels on the bars that don't fall in range of the x axis, the labels disappear.

It doesn't make sense to increase the range of the X-axis because these bars are just one-offs and it would reduce the visual impact of the graph. We also don't want to manually create a label. I'd like to figure out how to get this to work for others and not just me.


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