Need Help With Failed Redundancy



I have a Windows 2000 Server with two hard disks. The one in slot 0 was where
the operating system was originally installed. Afterward, it was converted to
dynamic and mirrored to the drive in slot 1. A year later now, I received a
notice that the redundancy has failed. The disk in slot 0 encountered a bad
block. Disk Management reports that disk0 is online(errors) and disk1 is
online. I tried reactivating the disk, but it cannot re-establish the mirror.

Question 1:
This failure happened two days ago and the system has continued to operate.
Where is new data being written: to disk0, to disk1, or both? I had
originally assumed that I would just replace disk0, but if disk1 has not been
keeping up with new data, I've got a problem. If disk0 has the most current
information, is there a way to get the two disks to re-synch?

Question 2:
How do I go about replacing disk0? It is not as simple as replacing the disk
with a new one. I could not find a knowledge base article that offered any
real instructions.

I have a server with identical hardware and healthy mirror that I've tried
some scenarios on:

1) Pulled out disk0 and restarted. Windows does not boot. System attempted a
network boot.
2) Reinserted disk0 and rebooted Windows. Edited the boot.ini to include
disk1's partition. Set disk1 as the default and rebooted. This works.
3) Pulled out disk0 and restarted. Windows does not boot. Gets to blinking
underline cursor and does not move on from there to the starting Windows
4) Figured that the problem is that disk1 does not have an MBR. After poking
around, found that the Recovery Console has a fixmbr command that sounds like
just what I needed. Booted from Windows 2000 installation CD and ran the
Recovery option. It reports that it cannot find any hard disks.
5) Reinserted disk0 and rebooted. Ran the command to install Recovery
Console and restarted. Selected Recovery from the options. Recovery Console
blue screens when trying to find disks.
6) These are SCSI drives, so my guess is that it needs a third party driver.
Copied one to a floppy. Restarted and again selected the Recovery option. Hit
F6 as it's starting to indicate that I've got drivers. It installed the
driver but still blue screens. Probably the wrong driver. Restarted system
and selected the option that boots from disk0. It blue screens with the same
messge as the recovery console did. Mild panic. Tried booting from the disk1
option. This, thankfully, worked. I re-synched the mirror and went home
before I did something that fouled up a perfectly working system.

However, I'm still left with a server operating with a faulty mirror. Anyone
have any pointers?





Just a quick follow up. I tried again installing the third party drivers.
This time I'm certain, I used the same driver that was currently in use on
the system. Same results.

For what is worth, the blue screen error is:
***STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF2463848,0xc0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

Surely there has to be instructions out there that explain the steps to take
to replace a mirrored system disk, but I can't seem to locate them.


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