Need help with combo boxes in messages!

Feb 1, 2013
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I need help trying to implement a template for my emails to send to groups at my company. I want to do something like what is in my attachment.

Just focusing on the white part of my attachment. Can I put those kind of combo-boxes into my email message body so that I could just select the appropriate categories and have it sent to my list of contacts?

Date and Time: System Generated.(The computer's time should be time-stamped in this email.)
Event Type: {Outage, Degradation,Information,...}
Location: {Germantown, North Las Vegas, Detroit,...}
Event Status: {Investigation,Outage,Information}

An example of how I'm trying to set this up
Subject: (Status of the problem I'm sending)

Date and Time: 02/01/2013
Event Type: Outage
Location: Germantown
Event Status: Investigation

Please if anyone could help me out I would be so grateful. I'm new to programming and have been looking around for weeks and nothing that could point me in the direction that I should be going for this. It would make my reports much easier if I could get this going. Its such a tedious thing for filling this out every day


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