auto cc custom form when sent externally

Jan 19, 2012
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I have competent knowledge of VBA but limited experience in the area of Outlook forms. I'm hoping to enhance an existing system which generates an email, attaches an enrypted file, forwards to an adminstrator for review before being sent to the client. The enhancement I would like to add is to CC the email to a public folder or mailbox at least the first time if not everytime it is emailed externally (outside the org domain).
The bit I struggle with is not the parsing of the TO line for external address but the custom form and how I can get the send/forard event to fire. I managed to get msgboxes to popup from the send event but the email doesn't actually get sent.
Can anyone help or point me to an existing answer I can base my solution on.
BTW I would like to avoid using server side scripts or functionality.

Many Thanks

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