Need help with an automated email sender

Apr 30, 2015
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Hey all, got a very specific macro I need.

Here is the procedure. We get hundreds of files that get sent to an FTP our side. These files are literally just raw data files (no file extension) The file names are structured as such.

1st CHARACTER: File type identifier
2nd and 3rd CHARACTER: location code
4th to 9th CHARACTER: unique identifier number

As an example the file name will look like this "ILL12345" And they literally have a file type of 'file'.

These little data files must be attached one by one to an email, and sent off over a secure email account to a single destination.

Now, I need a macro to send each one of these files individually as an attachment in an email, while placing the 2nd and 3rd character in the subject. (Our client insist we do this for ease of use....) And I need to be able to send that email through my secondary secure account, through our exchange server.

Is this possible? Can anyone supply a macro that can do this?

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