Need help to filter data from multipule sheets to specific sheet



i have a data in sheet1, sheet2 and sheet3. Data in all sheets have unique
id(number). I have to filter data with unique id in sheet3 if the same unique
id exists in sheet1 or sheet2 the data of column B or C incorporated in
sheet3 in specified column of the unique id row.
Sorry friends my english is not good.


If I didn't misunderstand you you want to compare the ID in sheet3 with the
ID in sheet 2 or 1 and if it exist to bring the data from column B , if so use


if this is not what you are looking for please provide an example mentioning
columns and sheet number


In sheet 1 I have having about 15,000 rows in the following columns
A1(Unique id)
A2 Names of persons
A3 Address
A4 Amount for the year 2005
A5 Amount for the year 2006
A6 Amount for the year 2007 (Blank / no date)

In sheet 2 i have 22,500 rows and have following columns
A1 (Unique id)
A2 Names of person
A3 Address
A4 Amount for the year 2007

Same above column in sheet 3, sheet 4 and sheet 5
I have to update the rows of column A6 of sheet 1 through column A4 of sheet
2, sheet 3, sheet 4 and sheet 5

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