customised sheet from master sheet



I need customised sheet from master sheet.I have different sheets like this.

sheet1 - Content page where other sheets hyperlinked
sheet2-Master data sheet where data entry is done
Sheet3-America specific
Sheet4-Europe specific

data entry in master data sheet is done as follows.

A B C D ....... BY
1 America US Big 1 8-Jun 09
2 Europe Britain Big 3 9-Jun 09
3 America Canadan Medium 7 9-Jun 09

Column BY contain data entry date.

In content sheet ,there are 2 cells are like this

D24=From this date
F24=To this date
These two dates will be filled manually as desired.

i want my sheet3 to copy all cell data (across row) if column A in master
sheet contains America.These data must fulfill date condition entered in
content sheet.
i.e. sheet3 is america specific sheet from perticular date to perticular
date as entered in content sheet manually.

Similarly i want sheet4 europe specific from perticular date to perticular
date (as entered in content sheet).

This should update automatically whenever i enter date in content sheet.
i dont want to use macro.

Thanks in advance


For copying down purposes, D24 and F24 needs to be fixed (with $ signs) in
the indicative criteria expression:
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