Need help on finding info about print servers with XP



I have searched and searched but cannot find any reference
to compatibilty support info pertianing to the listed
Hewlett Packard jetdirect print server nic cards using XP
Hm/Pro or Server 2003. Can anyone point me in the right
direction or help with thier own knowledge?

HP Jetdirect 600N EIO Internal Print Server for
Ethernet/10Base-T networks J3110A
HP Jetdirect 600N EIO Internal Print Server for
Ethernet/10Base-T and 10Base2 and LocalTalk networks
HP Jetdirect 600N EIO Internal Printer Server for Token
Ring networks J3112A
HP Jetdirect 600N EIO Internal Print Server for
Ethernet/10/100Base-TX networks J3113A

Bruce Sanderson

See, key j3110a in the
search box and click the >> button. There's quite a lot of information
about these devices there.

Usually, these come pre-installed in compatible printers and you can add
them to a Windows 2003 server by adding a new "port" of type "Standard
TCP/IP port". If your network has a DHCP server, these devices will
automatically configure themselves for your network. If not, you can
configure them through the printer's front panel. In any case, you can use
the printer's print configuration menu to find out what IP address they

If you can be more specific about what you want to know, I might be able to
help better.

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