NEC LCD 1700V monitor that displays for a second on startup then goes blank-can see very dim display

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We have an NEC LCD 1700V monitor that displays for a second on startup
and then goes inactive. If I turn the monitor off and then on, the
display is active for a second and then inactive...I am running
win2k...I saw someone had this prob long time ago on this board
wondering if anyone else has this problem come up???


Apr 20, 2010
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I have a NEC LCD1700V monitor 17", I push power button & get backlights to light(2) for 1-2 sec & then they go out I changed the inverter board & still have the same problem. I unplugged (1) backlight cord at a time & turned unit on & same problem just reduced light at lower or upper side of screen because only 1 light is firing instead of 2. I measured power cord voltage at input to main board 19.4V before start, 18.44V when monitor is turned on & backlights fire up for 1-2sec, then jumps up to 18.99V when backlights go out & then 2-3sec later voltage goes back to 19.4V Power light on front of monitor is green when first turned on & backlights fire up & go out but after 4-5sec it turns to yellow. I can't picture both backlights going at once so assumed it was inverter but looks like power board. I am thinking of changing the main PCB What do you think?

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