Name Server with no suffix in DNS



I have a Windows 2000 Domain Controller that is having
some DNS problems. When I run DCDIAG it returns the
following error:

Testing server: Default-Site\SERVER_NAME
Starting test: Connectivity
SERVER_NAME's server GUID DNS name could not be
resolved to an IP address. Check the DNS server, DHCP,
server name, etc Although the Guid DNS name
couldn't be resolved, the server name (SERVER_NAME)
resolved to the IP address (xx.xx.xx.xx) and was
pingable. Check that the IP address
is registered correctly with the DNS server.
......................... SERVER_NAME failed test

I checked the AD DNS entries and they seem to be
registered correctly except for the fact that they all
refer to the "qualified name for the host" as SERVER_NAME.
as opposed to SERVER_NAME.DOMAIN.COM. Also, AD is
automatically adding a Name Server entry of the same thing
SERVER_NAME. If I delete the Name Server setting manually
and restart DNS it comes right back. I even tried going
through all of the _MSDC _Sites _tcp and _udp settings and
adding the DNS suffix (Yes, I knew this might cause more
problems, but I was desperate). When I restated DNS, it
set them all back to the NAME_SERVER. settings.

I checked all my DNS and Network Card settings and
everything seems to be configured properly. Does anyone
have an idea why it is dropping the DNS suffix.



Tim Springston [MS]

Hi Gary-

The DDIAG connectivity test should actually show the server name in a 'flat'
or non-fully qualified format. This doesn't mean what you're seeing is not
an error though.

It is indicating that the MSDCS SRV of

isn't where it expects it to be in the DNS forward lookup zone for your

The goal should be to place it there, or point this server's preferred DNS
setting in it's NIC(s) to look to a forward lookup zone that has it.

There are some other things that can happen to cause or prevent it from
registering this record. Please repost if we can help further.

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