My PSU is 9 years old, should I be worried!?


Jan 31, 2005
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I just came to realise that my trusty Corsair HX850w that is currently running my PC in my sig is just over 9 years old. Bought it in Oct '09 from Overclockers. I didn't realise it was that old and I'm surprised it lasted this long. So, should I be panicking!?!? :confused:

To be fair it honestly hasn't missed a beat but I do clean out the whole PC on a regular basis with an electric air duster and vacuum (I know, come at me!), but still, its 9 years old and the PC is on a lot as it doubles as a media server.

I've been looking at new cases as I want a quiet/silent one, and with that I realised that the PSU is the oldest part of my system at 9 years old.

I'm loving the Phanteks Enthoo Evolve cases, including the newer 'Flow' and 'Digital' versions, NZXT H700 too....

So it looks like a new case and PSU are on the horizon as I don't fancy waiting for it to go pop and I might as well do it all in one go.....

Any recommendations folks? :)


Mar 25, 2003
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I don't think you need to panic, but if you're looking for a new case anyway then I guess it's a good time to look at PSUs too. Per the Corsair website, "HX Series™ PSUs with Platinum efficiency have a 10 year warranty. HX Series™ Models HX520W, HX620W, and HX1000W have a 5 year warranty; all other HX Series™ Models have a 7 year warranty". Does yours fall in to the 10 year warranty?


Yorkshire Cruncher
Mar 21, 2007
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No need to panic. :)

If it's running it's better than the alternative. :D


sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Should you be worried? No, not much. I have a Corsair 650W same age still going strong.

The most likely component to fail in a power supply will be the smoothing capacitors two or more of which will be the large ones inside the case. If you ever get a chance take a look inside the PSU and if the tops of those capacitors show bulging or little 'bubbles' then they're on the way out.

They can usually be replaced.

The second most likely components to fail will be the semiconductors, often a large transistor can fail though in my work I often deal with amplifiers up to 40 years old still going strong and their output transistors get some heavy use.

If it gives you more comfort buy a new PSU with your new case but keep the old one as a spare.

I don't know which PSUs run quietest but if the 'Be Quiet' range are still going they may be worth a look.

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