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Recently I've found that '<My> Documents' folder icon is missing from My Computer. 'Common Documents' folder is present, though. The thing is that I don't remember what I was doing with my computer :) and don't have recent restore points. Is there some way to restore it to where I know it belongs?


I wish I knew the cause, but I don't think many people actually know, they
say it's a bug in Windows XP... but they don't say what triggers it.
BTW... My Docs and user docs were also hidden in My Computer... I used Tweak
UI to restore them, but I noticed that the registry key included in the
"Undo" reg-fix has to be included if it should be missing from the registry.
Check the registry and restore the key if necessary, and next use Tweak UI
to do the rest.

Check the registry in this path:
Tweak UI doesn't fix the missing folders if the registry key is missing.

So what I have found out is that there may be two causes for the folders to
go missing on My Computer... one is; the registry key may somehow get
deleted, or there is some setting somewhere that hides the folders. You may
need to apply both fixes, (reg fix and Tweak UI) to restore the folders
icons to My Computer.

Kelly Theriot's solution to the problem:
Quote: "Run the undo from line 67 - Files Stored on this Computer"

Just a slight correction to the post, the reg file to download is now in
line #56.

Download Tweak UI which should complement the registry fix on; Check on "My
Computer\Files Stored on this Computer"


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