My customized toolbar reverts back to original settings. Why?!?!



I customize my Excel 2002 toolbar. But periodically, when I start Excel up,
it reverts back to the original settings. After a few frustrating times of
having to re-do the toolbars to my own specifications, I tried setting up my
very own "new" toolbar (instead of editing the existing ones) so that if the
original settings were restored, I could just unclick those toolbars and
click my own. But when Excel decides to restore the original settings, even
my new custom toolbar has disappeared. Any answers? Many thanks.



Dave Peterson

The only time I've seen my customized toolbar changes disappear is when I've hit
the reset button or deleted the file that holds those changes (*.xlb).

I have seen multiple versions of those files cause my changes not to get saved
when I close excel. But that's my fault for having multiple copies in the wrong

I don't have a guess why it's happening to you, but until you find the reason,
you may want to make a copy of that *.xlb file and store it in a nice location.
If the customizations disappear, just close excel and copy that file into the
folder where it belongs and restart excel.

It's not a solution, but it may save you some time. (In fact, I keep a safe
copy just in case I screw around and change something I didn't want changed.)

Close excel
use windows search to look for *.xlb
Copy the one with the most current date and delete the rest.

And remember to look through hidden folders, too. People can have trouble
finding them.

If you can't find your files using windows start button|Search, then you could
use an old DOS command to search and delete/move them

Windows Start button|Run
(to get to the Command prompt)

(to get to the C: drive--change this to the drive that excel is installed on)

(to get to the root directory)

dir *.xlb /s

The /s says to search subfolders, too.

Make a note of the locations of the found files.

Then copy one and delete the others.

Remember to make a note of the folder that should hold this file. It'll make
life a bit easier if you have to replace the file.

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