My cursor keeps jumping around the page when i type something.



My cursor keeps jumping around the page in both word and outlook. It does it
indisciminantly, even now when i was typing this. On emails for instants i
will be typing in the body section and i press a key.. any key.. and it all
of a sudden will jump into the address bar or the subject bar for example,
and then continues to keep typing in there. Or it will jump some where back
into the paragraph ive just typed and continues to type half way into a word.

Can someone help me please to try and make this stop...... damn it just did
it again.

Thank you

Gordon Bentley-Mix


By any chance are you using a laptop with a touchpad? If so, then the
problem may be related to the sensitivity setting of the touchpad. You may be
brushing the touchpad inadvertently whilst type or it's possible that just
the "impact" of pressing the keys is enough to activate the touchpad. Most
laptops have some sort of utility for adjusting the sensitivity of the
touchpad; this utility may even display an icon in the system tray to make
access to the utility easier.

Gordon Bentley-Mix
Word MVP

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