Cursor jumps back



when i am typing text in word 2003, the cursuor jumps back every time i
strike the letter "t". I've been able to watch my fingers and see when its
occuring and its when I hit any word that has a 't' in it. So for example in
just this inquiry, when I typed the word "watch" in the second sentence, my
cursor jumps back to the sentence before.

If anyone can help, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks

Jay Freedman

If it happens in your browser (and presumably in other programs -- how about
NotePad?), then it isn't a problem with Word. It might be a mechanical problem
in your keyboard, or a software problem in the keyboard driver.

Try borrowing a keyboard from another computer and plugging it into your
computer. If that fixes the problem, you can buy a new keyboard very cheaply;
for example.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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