My Computer Key Not Working



I just purchased a Microsoft Wired 500 PS/2 keyboard. Everything seems to be
working great except the "My Computer Key" doesn't seem to work. Every other
multifunction key works fine, including Mail, Internet Explorer Home,
Favorites, Volume Control, Mute, Windows Media Player and Calculator. I'm
using Windows XP x64 Professional with the standard windows drivers.

Does this sound like a faulty keyboard or is there some explanation as to
why this key isn't working. Thanks.


I just tested the keyboard on another PC running Windows XP. The My Computer
key seems to work on that PC no problem. I switched keyboards (the other
keyboard is a similar corded Microsoft Keyboard) and tried the My Computer
Key and it didn't respond on my PC.

So, I wonder if this is a Windows x64 problem, or perhaps some other
software issue.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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