My Computer keeps turning off but all my power options are on NEVE



I have an HP Pavilion ze5500 Laptop and it keeps turning off and it makes
this loud fan noise when i turn it on. I dont know whats wrong and what i can
do to make it stop turning off every twenty to twenty five minutes.. Its VERY
slow.. I tried to run a virus scan but everytime it gets to a certain number
of files my computer shuts down i dont know what else i can do if you have an
idea please email me at (e-mail address removed) I probably wont see your post
because i wont be on tonight and tomorrow it will be in the middle of a
million of post thanks in advance

Earl Grey

Dear lostttt:

Your computer is overheating (hence the loud fan noise) and needs to be
serviced. Prime suspects are a faulty CPU fan or a faulty power supply.
The computer shuts itself down to save itself.

The custom in newsgroups is to reply to the group so everyone can
benefit from the answer.

Don't post a valid email address in a public newsgroup unless you like
the idea of getting spam.

Earl Grey

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