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I have - lets say 100 PowerPoint files, all with different names. I am
trying to make it so that I can choose which files (complete presentations)
I want to include in my new version. Preferably I would like to to do this
with an automated routine, which lets the final user decide which PPTs they
actually want.

I have already created an automated routine that converts Excel created
hyperlinks into a menu for many linked files, but unless there is a way to
import any linked ppts into an existing ppt, then I am a bit confused as to
what is the best way of doing it.

C:\examples folder includes:
ppt1, ppt2,ppt3,ppt4

User option: Which presentations would you like to import into new.ppt?
Option: 1,2,3,4
User chooses - resulting new.ppt includes slides


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Bill Dilworth

There are some good sources to start to learn VBA at:
**How do I USE this VBA stuff in PowerPoint?

and the ever popular,
**How do I USE this VBA stuff in PowerPoint?

Try these. If you run into a problem, post back your question and we'd be
glad to answer it.

Bill Dilworth, Microsoft PPT MVP
Please spend a few minutes checking vestprog2@
out This link will yahoo.
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you think to ask them.

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ant-virus, anti-nuisance misdirection.

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