Multiple Regression in Analysis Tool Pack - Confidence Intervals


Ashley B

How do I calculate the confidence interval for each year's forecast with the
output Excel gives me regarding the confidence intervals? I ran a multiple
regression in Excel using the Analysis Tool Pack and I can see the upper and
lower limits, but I do not know how to use those numbers to calculate the
interval for each forecasted period.



Jerry W. Lewis

There is nothing in the output of the ATP regression tool that will help you
calculate the confidence interval for a prediction. Nor are there any
functions who's output will directly help you to accomplish this task. Excel
is not a statistics program, although it can do some simple statistics. The
designers provided for calculating confidence intervals for the parameters of
the regression, but not confidence intervals for the subsequent regression

As I noted in a very similar worksheetfunctions threa
it is possible to cobble together a solution to your question, but it is
quite involved, and so not likely to be appropriate for a new user.


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