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Activation of different hardware configs


I have two possible hardware configurations for one installation of
Microsoft Vista Business. I have acquired two separate product keys, but I
would like to know how to have the keys attributed to their respective
hardware configuration.

I have just booted into the second configuration which promptly asked for a
reactivation. Thus I used the "Change product key" option (and got it
activated with my second key), but I am not sure this was the correct answer
to my problem.

The help doesn't quite forsee this situation ...
Any hints?

Cheers, Franz


Are you using just one operating system installation for both hardware

If so, then I'm afraid what you have done now is just changed to another key
and activated that one. The original is no longer attached to that install.

What I would do is create a dual boot situation and each install would have
it's own key and activation and each could be used for a different hardware


RegRun should help you out. You can use it to have different hardware
setups with one installation of Vista.

StartUp Profiles and Secure Start both allow this.

Try the Platinum for 30 days.

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