Multi-Select Listbox with Check Boxes



I would like to create a multi-select list box that displays a check box to
the left of each item in the menu. The user would use the check box to
select/deselect the item rather than the standard highlight method. The
values in the list box would be dynamic based on other selections the user
has made on the form.

I'm sure this has been asked before but I could not find it...

Thanks in advance,





It would be very similar to using a list box. You could probably use the
same query you use for the list box' row source as the subform's recordsourec
and add a calculated field to the query to use for the check box. Then on
the subform, put a check box control and bind the calculated field to it.

Then instead of using the List Box's ItemsSelected collection, you would use
the subform's recordsetclone properties to loop through each row and do what
you want when the box is checked. You probably want to set the other
controls' Enabled properties to No and Locked properties to Yes in the


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