MS's beta of Windows Onecare



Anyone else testing MS's beta of Windows Onecare?

I installed it about 5 days ago and first impressions have been very

It includes a firewall, anti-virus app, backup & restore feature, scheduled
tune-up (defrag, etc) automatic updates.

Nice for a beta software, no glitches yet and I have tested the
backup/restore feature using dvd-rw media. The firewall is

inbound / outbound detection unlike XP's built-in.

You do have to disable / remove any existing firewall / anti-virus before

This might be a subscription service after beta, but may well be worth it,
especially for new / in-experienced PC users. But

anyone can benefit from the many features, built-in backup to CD / DVD?!

Anyone interested in applying to be a tester, free for 1 yr on all your
Regards, Sir Gary in New Orleans, Louisiana
~ Read to Learn - Write to Think ~

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.

John A. Smith

I have been using OneCare for almost a month and have had no problems. I
have found it to be
unobtrusive and straignt forward. In fact, I quit using Symantec products
over a year ago and
switched to Trend Micro products and OneCare seems as good as Trend. One
thing I like is that
the system updates automatically without any fanfare.
My only complaint has been that the virus scanner is very slow, It takes
about 2 hours versus
35 minutes with Trend Micro. The backup worked very well and in fact have
worked it both ways
backing up and restoring files just to be honest in my evaluation of the
I would also like to beta test the new add on for the MSN toolbar but have
not found where I can
sign up for the program.

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