MSI P45-8d; Q8200; unable to OC at all

Sep 17, 2013
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Hello once again.

I have joined this community in search of help, for I'm unable to Overclock my PC at all. what ever i do my OS wont boot-up (Win7 64bit)

so here are my PC spec:
MB: MSI P45-8D memory Lover Model No. MS-7532

CPU Intel Core2Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz
( I would Like to pull at least 2.5Ghz from it tho I'we seen people pushing it to 2.8 or even 3 Ghz.)

RAM: DDR-2 Kingstone HyperX 2x2Gb (KHX8500D2BK20)-B stands for Black Edition
(at the moment my RAM memory is working on 800Mhz while it's supposed to work at 1066Mhz , but my MB states 1066 (OC) I guess that means only overclocked... )

GPU: ATI HD6950 2Gb (has two BIOS on it one is changed "unlocks" the GPU to 6970 version- using that at the moment)

PSU: Chieftec 600w (CFT-600-14CS)

I have tried a lot of stuff pimping out the voltages up..example
default:FBS 7x 333

i changed:
CPU vcore:1.26v -> 1.3v
MCH:1.1v -> 1.26v
Vtt: 1.1v -> 1.4v
ICH(not sure if it was ICH or something like I/O) : to 1.6v (possible range 1.5v to 1.8v)

now i can change the FBS up to 340 and Windows boots ... but anything more then that windows doesn't boot ... I even went up to 400 FBS.. and manually changed my memory ticks to 5-5-5-15 2.2v and the memory Frequency went up to 1066Mhz... PC boots normally , but instead getting a normal Windows loading screen ... I get a gray old looking loader..with "Loading Windows Files" text above it . and when it finishes the PC restarts and i get the same thing over and over again

I found a thread here that made me register and post this one ( ) he had tested the same MB and CPU and boosted it quite up so mine is confusing the hell out of me ^^

Please Help me to get this old friend of mine overclocked because he and me still want to be together :blush:

If you need any more info please ask :cheers:

oh one more thing i notice options:

  • ClockGen Tuner
  • Adjust PCI-E Frequency : auto (auto; 36 or 42).. not sure if those are the only options i'm supposed to have there... in most of the threads people are saying that that should be set to 100Mhz but i only have those two possible low values.
  • Auto Disable DRAM/PCI Frequency : Enabled

^ I think I missed some options .. that are not enabling me to OC my Machine.

In Advance Thanks to everyone who give's me Help, and share there knowledge :thumb:
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