MS Word text form fields not exporting when merging to new documen



I am creating a mail merge in MS Word 2003, from a MS Access database table.
Everything works fine, except the text form fields are not displayed when I
merge to a new document. I want the end user to edit the new document by
filling in numerous fields. Without having to edit the newly created
document each time, is there a way to have a highlighted field for the users
to enter comments into?

I have searched for ways to resolve this, and see people referencing macros
but I am not sure how to implement macros and have several users who will be
using the main mail merge document.

Are there any other ways to resolve this issue?

Doug Robbins - Word MVP

See the article “Combining FormFields and Mail Merge†on the following page
of fellow MVP Graham Mayor’s website:

If that information is of use to you, please do consider contributing to the
maintenance of that website to ensure its continued availability.

Hope this helps.

Please reply to the newsgroup unless you wish to avail yourself of my
services on a paid consulting basis.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP, originally posted via


I looked at the article, however, I don't understand how to run the macro's.
How can I do that in Word?

Graham Mayor

There are three macros on that page which provide different approaches to
the issue and should be selected according to the data source. You can run
the macro from a toolbar button or from the list at ALT+F8 with the merge
document/form on screen.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site

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