MS Security Bulletin Advance Notification for May 2008


Bill Sanderson

There is more information, but not a great deal--expand some of the headings
to see it:

As I understand it there is a "denial of service" vulnerability in Windows
Live OneCare, Microsoft Antigen, Microsoft Windows Defender, and Microsoft
Forefront Security.

This will be fixed automatically without any required reboot (for that
patch, anyway!) in the next security update package.

That's about all that is available to say--doesn't sound like a big deal,
but I'm glad they are plugging away at such issues before they become big


i am betting with sp3 out there is no real reason at this time for a
security update for this mth

Joan Archer

Just Office updates this time apart from the Malicious Software Removal
Tool, that was for my machine anyway, I have SP3.

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