Moving XP and Progs from mC Drive to Serial ATA Drive




How do I make single Serial ATA drive my boot drive and
move contents of C (Parallel ATA IDE) Drive to the SATA

I tried to do a new instrallation of XP to the SATA but
it saw the XP OS on C and wanted to overwrite it or
repair it.

David Vair

If you want to do a new installation to SATA do it with IDE disconnected, that would be best way as
you will get nice clean install. If you want to copy drive use something like Ghost or Drive Image
to clone the drive then boot with IDE disconnected or Windows will still see the drive and may screw
up your lettering. Best it to do clean install to SATA.

Name withheld by request

I had the same problem. Went to install windows XP on the raid
drive, and it put it on my blank WD160 gig IDE drive. I found out
via instructions at my hardware supplier, that you should hook up
the CD rom, and the SATA drive(s) and then after windows is up
and running, plug the IDE drives back in, otherwise, XP will for
whatever reason, install on the IDE drives.
This installation was with a slipstreamed XP SP1 CD

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