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Richard Ballard

I cannot seem to move my HHD to a new computer with a new
mother board and hardware.

It won't boot up.

Is there some trick to this? Going the other way a
Windows 2000 HHD won't boot in my old computer?

Any suggestions?

Richard Ballard


In your old PC fix the IDE driver to generic.Change your
hd to the new pc.You may experience the same problem with
others devices.Try and readjust.
good luck

Bruce Chambers

Greetings --

Normally, assuming a retail license, unless the new motherboard is
virtually identical to the old one (same chipset, same IDE
controllers, same BIOS version, etc.), you'll need to perform a repair
(a.k.a. in-place upgrade) installation, at the very least:

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade of Windows XP;EN-US;Q315341

As always when undertaking such a significant change, back up any
important data before starting.

This will probably also require re-activation. If it's been more
than 120 days since you last activated that specific Product Key,
you'll most likely be able to activate via the internet without
problem. If it's been less, you might have to make a 5 minute phone

Bruce Chambers

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