Migrating info to new cpmputer - on a seperate drive



Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes.....I want to transfer
and entire account from and old computer and put it on a new one. All files
and settings, etc. I'm trying to put it on a seperate HHD, too. Then, I
want to be able to log onto that account, and have everything ready to go.

Any links or info is greatly appreciated.

Andrew E.

Thats easy enough,install xp cd,other tasks,select the File transfer wizard,
select data for it to collect,collect data in a new folder you created,once
thru,move folder to cd.To collect set FTW in "old computer mode",also,while
FTW is in xp tools,use the xp cd to run it.


ty for info, but didnt work as planned. i'm gonna start a new thread with
more details.

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