It's been a while since I made a movie with Movie Maker.
I entered photos from my vacation and sent it out through email.
The photos are so small that no one can view them.
How do I can I change the size? I had no problems the first time...maybe I
tried too hard this time.




Publish to computer instead before sending... make sure you are happy with
the result...




Like Mac said save it to your computer first.
The reason they are so small is that you used the send to email option which
will create a file small enough to email meaning the pictures will be
smaller especially if the project is larger than the last one you did.

Save it to your computer using a better quality setting, even the
recommended setting should be good enough.
Then you can attach the video to your email messages if, as Mac said, you
are happy with the result.
The only drawback here is that the file will be larger than what you had
been sending meaning it will take longer to send.

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