Mouse HID Device driver loading twice



I have a Logitech cordless MX-1000 mouse running with Vista Home Premium.
It has been working fine until recently (don't know what caused the problem)
and now the right button does not work in certain instances such as getting
the list of programs to show when clicking the Start button and some
download buttons in IE. I have opened Device Manager and find that the hid
compliant device driver under mice & other pointing devices has the driver
loaded two times. If I uninstall one of them then the mouse works fine.
However, upon booting there is always two of them there and the mouse is not
working properly. I suspect the driver is being loaded twice
somehow/somewhere but I have been unable to find where (eg: services did not
tell me anything nor did msconfig). Any wisdom on this out there?


Addendum: I just finished using Acronis to take the installation back to
when the mouse was definitely working and everything was pretty much
pristine. I installed the Logitech disc and now it shows the Logitech
driver and the hid driver. And the hid driver reloads with every boot.
This really puzzles me since I don't know how the hid driver can be loading
twice on the pristine copy. It must be a hardware issue somewhere.


After much messing around, I Acronised back to the most recent (today), and
instead of uninstalling one of the hid drivers, I disabled it. Now it does
not load another copy of it. All is well once again.

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