Motion Trails/Ghost effects in Vista Media Center



ok this issue is driving a bunch of people nuts. I have an ATI Raedon X1300
pro video card. and under Vista media center live TV and recorded TV have
this really annoying motion trail/ghosting. I've updated to the latest
drivers for my video card. Tried different decoders and nothing works. I
had upgraded from XP Media Center Edition and never had this problem with XP.
I even whiped out my computer and installed vista as a clean install. This
is driving me nuts. From what I read theere seems to be an issue with VMC
and decorders. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get these motion
trails/ghosting effect to stop?


I have this video card and a Hauppauge tuner. I use the MS drivers for the
ATI and have no problems like you describe.

At one point, for some reason, I decided to "upgrade" to the latest Vista
drivers from ATI and had so many problems (BSODs) that the next day I
decided to use system restore to go back to the restore point created just
before the drivers installed. Everything went back to normal.

Try removing the ATI drivers and let Vista install it's in box drivers. Run
windows update (there is a new one) and see if that doesn't solve your

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