More RAM?



Hi, Can some one help? I have a situation with increasing
more ram to my system. It is as follows: I've tried to
increase RAM from 384mb to 512mb with several different
modules combinations and the memory count register well at
512mb , but the mouse pointer freezes up and the system
stops responding a few minutes after I use some memory
hungry programs, like weather video from the internet. I
then, remove the second 256mb module, put back the 128mb
in place and 384mb works just fine. Is there any specific
settings that I need to change before I can use the second
256mb, Thank you , mario My computer is a HP pavilion 511n
capable of 512mb Max.




I think you need to be sure the memory is the correct type for your HP
machine. Go to and check out the memory selector, I would
suspect your new module isn't compatible.






Try installing the new mem module by itself, if the
system works fine, then purchase another 256 module from
the same vendor. If you are using sdram at 66 and the new
chip is rated at 100/133 this may be the problem or the
module may just be defective. Either way you should take
it back and exchange it or buy another to reach 512mb of
total ram. Search for "Aida32" and download this
diagnostic tool to see any differences in your memory


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