monitor intermittent missing colour



Viewsonic G653 CRT monitor intermittent missing colour
change?pls send answer at my email
White colour changes to pink,red to orange,green is
missing changes to black,brown to orange, yellow to
orange intermittently and frequently , sometimes monitor
works normally without colour problem? monitor looks as
if a pink gel has been placed over the screen.Everything
is visible except it has an overlay of pinkish tint.
this is intermittent, sometimes it lasts for hours other
times minutes?The problem occurs in Bios session,
Dos session and windows xp prof session which indicates
that windows xp is not the source of problem?
All video cables, AGP adapter card pins,connectors are
good. Degauss and turn off on monitor could not solve
problem? AGP adapter card is good not source of
problem.Pls mention the parts and components inside the
display monitor which expected to cause this fault?
FH is 37.6 KHZ , FV is 75.3 HZ.
Pls advise solution?

George Cruppi

How do you know it's not the video card? Did you try another monitor? How
about removing the driver and installing a new version?

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