Monitor adapter needed for this IBM?



I'm thinking of getting an IBM IntelliStation M Pro, machine number
6230-41U. [Details from IBM/Lenovo here: ] This computer <I might get> comes with a
NVIDIA Quadro4 280NVS graphics/video card which has a higher number of
card output pins than my old IBM E74 monitor can accept. Since I'd like to
keep my old IBM E74 crt-type monitor, will I need a monitor adapter so I
can plug my old E74 into the back of the newer computer having a DMS-59
port? What kind of monitor adapter-- what name or model?

Is this adapter some short piece having a male and a female end or is it a
short cable with male and female ends?


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Bob Knowlden

A little work with Google found:

(It appears that the AGP version is no longer made, but there is a PCI
version still listed.)

It is supposed to include a DMS-59 to dual VGA adapter. A dual DVI-I adapter
is optional, PNY's part number 91004086. Either type is a Y cable: one end
plugs into the DMS-59 port, and two VGA (or DVI-I) female ports are at the
other ends.

It's a way of getting dual outputs on a low-profile graphics card.

Many DMS-59 adapters are listed at, should the machine fail to
come with one. Get the VGA version; you'd need a DVI-I to VGA adapter if you
got the DMS-59 to DVI version.


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