modal dialog and returned results


Brian Henry

(please dont say don't do this because SP2 will block this, this is an
internal site and i have full access to settings on the domain to make popup
blocking turned off for this site)

i have a modal dialog box, which lets users select user names from a list
(kinda like an address book) but then i need to return that list to the
calling application form... how would i go about doing this? thanks!

bruce barker

to reutn an object from a modal window to the caller, require the caller
window to clone the objects. this is because when the modal window is
closed, all javascript memory is recovered. any ref to objects in the the
caller will reutrn null. for this reason returnValue can only return a
simple object (int/string).

the best approach is to call a method in the caller (opener window) and
pass your list to it, and have the caller clone it.

-- bruce (

bruce barker

if (window.opener.myRoutine)

-- bruce (

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