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Ganesh Ramamurthy

Hi Experts,

I am having a serious problem now. I am using IE for developing my
application. My application need not run in Netscape. I have a peculiar
problem. I have an aspx page from which when the user clicks on the save
button, I am calling a javascript function which shows up a modal dialog
box. I want the user to do certain varifications before the save. Inside the
modal dialog, I have a datagrid which has a template column containing a
LinkButton. I have written code in the Oncommand event of the link button.
However, when the I click on the linkbutton, I get a new dialog box and I
get a client side error.

If I use a button insted, I dont get an error but the same page is opened in
another window. I cannot use a non modal dialog since I want to return some
values to the calling page. and proceed furthur from that page without user

Has anybody faced such a problem. Please Help

Thanks in advance


Eliyahu Goldin


Just put a line

<base target=_self>

in the <Head> section of the page shown in the modal window.


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