Missing Shutdown and Restart from log off dialog box



I am running Windows 2000 Server. One user profile on that server does not
have the option to Shutdown or Restart when they hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete. The
options seem to be missing from the log off menu. I have checked the
and NoClose and NoLogOff are not present. I have also ensured that the user
profile has the ability to Shutdown the system in Group Policy. (User
Config\Adm Templates\Start Menu and Task Bar.

If that user logs on to another server, the Shutdown and Restart options are
available to them. It appears to be a problem only to this one server. All
other users that log on to this system are able to shutdown and restart as

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get these options back on the log off
dialog box?

John John

NoClose could also be in the corresponding HKLM key (on the user's



Sorry, I meant to say that the user is logging on directly to the server with
the issue, not to any workstation. I have verified that No Close is not
present on that server.

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