missing paragraph style lables



I'm in normal view looking in the style area. At the top of the
document, everything looks fine, the different paragraphs have their
respective lables.

But as I scroll down, only white space is in the style area. The
paragraphs look the same and when I change a paragraph's style, it
visibly changes to match the new style's settings.

I got around the issue by cutting and pasting without the last
pilcrow, so it may simply have been a corrupted document. Has anyone
ever seen anything like this?



Shauna Kelly


There are several things that can cause this.

Does the the document uses new line characters instead of paragraph marks?
Click the ¶ button on the toolbar. You should see a ¶ sign at the end of
every paragraph. If you see a left-pointing curved arrow, then replace them
with paragraph marks.

Is the text in a table, perhaps without borders and not showing gridlines?
Normal view doesn't display the style for text in tables.

If you suspect your document is corrupted, then you might like to follow the
suggestions here:
How can I recover a corrupt document or template - and why did it become

Hope this helps.

Shauna Kelly. Microsoft MVP.

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